Best Workgloves Of 2020 - A Buyers Guide

02 April, 2020
Best Workgloves Of 2020 - A Buyers Guide

Anybody who performs regular manual labor knows the importance of good work gloves.  

Dependable gloves don't just keep your hand free from slivers and blisters, they also keep your hands warm when it gets cold and clean when doing dirty jobs. For those working with sharp or dangerous materials, good work gloves can actually be a lifesaver. Furthermore, work gloves are mandatory personal protective equipment (PPE) in many jobs.  

Simply put, you should be looking to buy gloves that not only keep you safe, but also allow you to be as effective as possible. The short list below describes some of the best work gloves of 2020.  

CLC 125m Handyman Flex Grip 

As with most top work gloves in 2020, the CLC 125m Flex Grip gloves have a hybrid design that is rugged, warm, flexible, light and durable. The hook-and-loop cuff keeps the gloves secured to the hand, even in the most strenuous of activities. These clothes also have a lot of insulation, enough for working outside in freezing conditions.  

These gloves also feature a significant amount of spandex to enable precision gripping. Three of the fingers on each hand are designed to allow for interaction with touch screens, which is ideal for doing any kind of work in 2020. 

Ironclad General Utility 

Ideal for heavy equipment operation and carpentry, these gloves may not ‘wow’ you with their appearance, but they are made to withstand significant abuse. The flexibility and ruggedness of these gloves offer significant protection from all kinds of hazards found on the typical job site. these gloves are double stitched for durability and synthetic leather in the palm offers protection from nails and rope burn. A Velcro cuff helps to keep the gloves securely in place. 

As an added bonus to the gloves’ significant protection, there is also terry cloth on the back of the thumbs for wiping away sweat. These gloves also have fingertips made for touchscreens.  

Mechanix Wear MFF-05-010 FastFit 

For some tasks, it's more important to have gloves that are flexible, as opposed to extremely protective. The Mechanix FastFit gloves are meant to offer superior flexibility. The gloves are made with an extremely breathable material that hugs the back of the hand. They also feature padding in the palm to protect it from direct impact.  

Many jobs require regularly taking gloves on and off. these clothes have the stretchy elastic cuff that enables quick removal while maintaining a secure fit.  

Carhartt Men’s Dex II 

Carhatt is a well-known workwear brand that is built on well-made gear. Made with polyester, polyurethane and spandex, Carhartt’s Dex II gloves are breatheable and comfortable, yet durable. The hook-and-loop cuff is easy to open quickly and keeps these gloves secured to the hand. 

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