Automotive Jobs You Can't Miss!

15 November, 2019
Automotive Jobs You Can't Miss!

Our Michigan office is in the heart of Detroit and having our finger on the pulse of the American auto industry means having a deep knowledge that job seekers can use to their advantage.

We assist several equipment manufacturers in the industry with their production needs and those partnerships translate to a slew of automotive job opportunities. If you are looking to begin or continue a career in the auto industry, consider the following exciting jobs.

Production Operator

Companies in the auto industry count on their machines working correctly in order to meet production goals. Production operators are integral to this because they are the ones using production equipment to make auto parts.

Most of the job involves overseeing the operation of machinery on the production floor and making sure certain production is going as planned. While more specific job duties of a production operator can vary from company to company, most positions involve overseeing machinery, watching processes, inspecting finished products for quality, reporting issues to supervisors and maintaining a safe working environment.

CNC (Computer Numerical Control) Machinist

CNC machines perform the automated manipulation of machine shop tools based on computer programming inputs. The position of a CNC machinist involves using these machines to cut, grind and mill automotive parts. CNC machinists must be able to read blueprints and other technical documents, as well as be able to program CNC machines.

Similar to a production operator, a CNC machinist works on a production floor and must be on their feet for most of the workday.

Line Supervisor

Line supervisors must oversee production employees, ensure proper staffing levels and uphold quality control standards. They function as the eyes and ears of executives and upper management on the production floor. Supervisors have significant authority but are not responsible for setting a company's overall policy or direction.

A line supervisor is accountable for the work quality, productivity and attendance of employees. This person must make certain that all necessary positions are staffed and if a worker is absent, a line supervisor must take steps to make sure productivity is not affected. In some situations, the supervisor will fill in for the absent worker themselves.

Essentially, they must do what it takes to keep the production line functioning without incident or drop-off in quality.

Industrial Sewer

While we tend to think of large metal parts when we think of auto manufacturing, automobiles also include many fabrics that must be sewn together. Industrial Sewers are the ones responsible for creating fabric-based products for the auto industry.

These in-demand professionals are responsible for setting up, properly using and maintaining industrial sewing machines.


As the job title suggests, an Assembler in the auto industry is responsible for putting together motor vehicles. This involves the connecting of subassemblies using bolts, screws or other fasteners. An Assembler may also install mechanical and electrical parts into an automobile.

We Can Connect You to Exciting Auto Industry Opportunities


At Quanta, we have many connections in the auto industry that we tap into for the benefit of job seekers. Explore these jobs or contact us today to learn how we can connect you to great opportunities in the auto industry.

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