Asking These Questions Can Help Keep Your Employees Happy

26 August, 2020
Asking These Questions Can Help Keep Your Employees Happy

Today’s professionals mostly adopt the attitude: If you want to get ahead in your career, you have to change jobs. 

While you wouldn’t begrudge anyone for trying to get ahead in their career, an employer’s job is to keep turnover to a minimum and keeping employees happy is an effective retention strategy. 

Constant, two-way communication is critical to keeping employees happy. You should be sharing information and inviting feedback. You should also be asking employees questions related to job satisfaction. Asking the following questions can provide you with valuable feedback that can boost employee retention. 

What Are Your Career Goals? 

Being aware of your employees’ goals can enable you to offer a work environment helps employee growth. This type of question is typically asked during an interview, and employers often neglect to ask it after that first time. 

A good policy is to ask staff members this question annually. Over time, professional and personal circumstances change. With those changes come new goals and needs. If your company can rise up to accommodate employee growth and shifting needs, the more staff members will stay with you to take advantage of that support. 

What Do You Think About Your Current Responsibilities? 

Regardless of how well your staff is performing, every now and then, you ought to ask if people they are satisfied with their current workload. Some employees may actually be struggling to keep up while others may be feeling unchallenged and stagnant. If you are not able to adjust an employee's job duties, ask follow-up questions on ways you can better tailor her or his workload. 

Do You Need More Training to Better Fulfill Your Job Duties? 

Professionals in every industry should be keeping current with the latest tools and technology. Regularly check with your staff to ensure they’re properly trained and up to date. 

Providing access to training and professional development opportunities shows staff members your organization supports their efficiency and career growth, which will make them happy.  

Do You Need Help with Anything? 

Preferably, all your employees are working effectively to achieve shared goals. That said, it can be difficult it is to stay on top of how each employee is doing on a day-to-day basis. 

It is important to regularly check in with staff members, depending on the volume of their work, to ask how they are doing, how you can help and if they have suggestions. Asking if individual employees need help can also help you connect on a personal level.  

How Was Your Weekend? 

It might seem insignificant to ask employees about their weekend was but learning a bit about employees’ personal lives shows you care about them as people. This question can also help you bond with individual employees over shared interests. 

Having a bad relationship with a boss is one of the most common reasons people quit their job and making a personal connection with each employee can help to keep them happy. 

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