3 Ways To Raise the Quality Of Your Workforce

04 October, 2018
3 Ways To Raise the Quality Of Your Workforce

Good leaders are always looking for ways to make their workforce more efficient and little measures can go a long way in achieving that goal.

Whether it’s better organization or building strong relationships, leaders have the ability to shape the work environment of their team to make them more productive. Consider the following three ways you can boost the quality of your workforce.

Maintain a shared calendar

Structure and transparency are crucial to an effective workforce. A team calendar can promote both of these values among coworkers and the manager. It can help you keep an eye on what both individual team members and the entire team is doing, allowing you to keep an eye on your own job duties while tracking progress of team members toward various goals.

Maintaining a readily-available calendar of weekly events for your workforce can go a long to getting everyone on the same page. A calendar app can make a shared calendar available through a smartphone app and allows your staff members to set reminders for themselves.

Calendars are different from to-do lists because they give you the opportunity to make entire schedules that cover long periods of time. Furthermore, staff members’ individual calendars could be integrated with team schedules to provide more comprehensive planning opportunities.

Take copious notes

Make a habit of writing brief summaries of key items after going to work-related meetings. This will allow you to recollect what was said an refer back to good ideas that came up in the course of conversation.

After training sessions, put together a brief summary to document any work procedures or techniques you may have learned. This will allow you to remain organized and on-track when trying to implement new concepts that were explained to you.

Smartphone apps can help you keep track of all of your notes, storing them all in one place. However, even the best-designed app can help you stay organized without the use of straightforward titles and file folders.

Encourage socialization

Being social is just as good for your own well-being as it is for your team. Make work a team-based effort by truly getting your staff members, your clients, your customers and management to know one another.

It is important to develop a work environment that supports a positive frame of mind, while also making room for productive disagreements. When people feel like they are all pulling together in the same direction, it increases engagement, lowering stress and anxiety.

Including social elements in your work environment is particularly important when dealing with remote workers, who can easily feel isolated and out of touch. When remote workers are included in social interactions, it reminds them that they are part of a team with other people. It can also reinforce their significance within the organization or project.

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