3 Ways to Aggressively Search for a New Job

04 November, 2020
3 Ways to Aggressively Search for a New Job

With all that’s going on in the world’s and the economy right now, job searching isn’t an activity for the timid.

Those looking for a new job must be aggressive. Social distancing rules might mean having to do a job interview over Zoom. Social distancing also might more opportunity, as fully-remote work opens up more possibilities for making a living over the internet.

If you’re looking for a new job in “these unprecedented times” – consider the following three ways to take a more aggressive approach.

Look for Opportunity

If you’ve recently been furloughed or laid off, you may have started to think about your career direction. This is the moment to seize the day and make a positive career change. Look at ways to move forward in your current field, or how to switch to a career path with more potential for fulfillment.

Some people may be fully employed right now, but the pandemic has amplified many of the things they don't like about their job situation. These folks may be afraid of doing anything right now, partly because of all the doom and gloom we hear in the media. People in this situation also should see this moment as an opportunity. Despite the difficult job market, making a change is well within reach for anyone who takes a smart and aggressive approach. Part of solving any problem is embracing a can-do mindset. Once you start thinking solutions are within reach, opportunities are more likely to reveal themselves.

Recognize How Things are Changing

The COVID-19 pandemic and resulting economy has affected many ways of doing business and that has knock-on ramifications for the job market. If you’re looking for a job right now, you need to adjust accordingly.

Look for other, emerging ways to make use of your unique talents, knowledge and professional experience. Think about things that come naturally to you and reassess if any innate abilities are most valuable right now.

Consider Going It Alone

As the business world becomes a lot more virtual, many people are finding they can work from just about any location with an internet connection. For instance, an emerging virtual assistant industry has opened up all kinds of doors for administrative workers.

Consider your field of expertise and think about how it might be done completely remote. Think about how you can translate your skills and knowledge into a job as a full-time freelancer or business owner.

Striking out on your own is intimidating and it does involve risk. Starting a business also isn't easy and it takes a lot more effort than working for someone else. It requires commitment and long hours. However, people start and flourish in their own business every day.

Also, if you’re passionate about what you're doing and you're doing it for yourself, it will feel a lot like work. Work will be more fulfilling, and you’ll be more dedicated to your profession if you are you’re following your passion.

We Can Help You Be More Aggressive in Your Job Search

At Quanta, we can help job seekers with anything from finding contract work to securing a full-time job. Please contact us today to find out how we can help you can make the most of the current situation.

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