10 Must-Read Books To Jump Start Your Career

06 May, 2020
10 Must-Read Books To Jump Start Your Career

It's looking like 2020 is going to be another good year for people looking to make career moves, and there are a lot of books out there for doing just that. 

If you're looking to jump start your career this year, consider the following great books. 

1) The Calling 

Do you believe you have a calling in life? Is there a line of work out there you think would come naturally to you? Written by Rha Goddess, The Calling Lays out three essential steps defining your calling and getting paid to do something you love.  

2) Tiny Habits – The Small Changes That Change Everything 

Written by BJ Fogg, this New York Times bestseller is all about making big changes through tiny incremental changes. Whether your goal is to get a new job, earn a promotion or even lose weight, Tiny Habits can guide you towards your objective, one small change at a time.  

3) Start Finishing 

Do you have a lot of ideas that never become reality? We all have things that keep us busy and prevent us from actually using our creativity. It simply requires a bit of diligence and some good habits to take action on and finish good ideas. 

Start Finishing Lays out a 9-step method for seeing an idea through to completion. 

4) Everything is Figureoutable 

Written by the host of MarieTV, Everything is Figureoutable isn't just another self-help book with magic bullet solutions. this book there's more about training you to think creatively when it comes to overcoming setbacks in roadblocks. 

5) The Power of Authority 

It's tough to stand out from are there people in any profession. One proven way is to establish yourself as an authority figure in your field. The first step towards doing this, according to The Power of Authority, is to write your own book. Written by Michelle Prince, this book explains how you can tell your own story and leverage that story in pursuit of career success.  

6) Procrastination Cure 

Procrastination is probably the biggest enemy of career success. It can seem like taking that next step or applying to new jobs can always be done tomorrow. This book also talks about how small changes can lead to good habits that minimize procrastination and allow you to get stuff done.  

7) The Mindset Book 

The human mind is a powerful thing, but unfortunately, we only use a small fraction of it. In The Mindset Book, author RS Richardson talks about how achieving your goals is simply about erasing inefficient mental programming and reprogramming your brain with more affective subroutines.  

8) Every Tool is a Hammer 

Written by Adam Savage, star of Discovery Channel’s Mythbusters, this book is about finding inspiration and bringing ideas to life. According to Savage, this book designed to be a “toolbox” for problem solving. 

9) The Art of Setting SMART Goals 

If you are a regular reader of professional workplace blogs, you've probably heard of SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, timely) goals. This book does a deep dive on the SMART goals approach and shows you how goal setting is the first step toward career success.  

10) Keep Going – 10 Ways to Stay Creative in good Times and Bad 

If your job depends significantly on creativity, you know that sustaining inspiration can be difficult. In Keep Going, author Austin Kleon Office 10 basic rules for staying focused, inspired and true to yourself. 

We Can Help You Jump Start Your Career 

This is a great time to jumpstart your career and we can help! Please contact Quanta today to find out how we can help you make some serious career moves in 2020.  

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