The Quanta Story

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  • Umberto Quintavalle becomes a 50% shareholder of Antex Lavoro Temporaneo.
  • Quanta Lavoro Temporaneo is founded.
    Quanta Group inaugurates the 24 Sports Village center.
  • Quanta Risource Umane is founded.
    Quanta opens a local branch in Switzerland.
  • International business development with startup of Quanta US and Quanta Romania.
  • Aviation division launched.
    Quanta becomes a specialized company.
  • The Quintavalle family regains full ownership of the company as a sole.
    Inauguration of Quanta’s Corporate Building.
  • Quanta Brazil is founded.
    International development continues with the opening of new branches.
  • Illo Quintavalle, son of Umberto, is named President of the Quanta Group