Build a Talent Bench – Before You Need It

Waiting until a talent need is urgent seldom leads to the best hiring results. That’s why Quanta offers the Top Talent Program – a proactive recruitment strategy designed to give you immediate access to the best people when you need them.

In this highly competitive employment market, you need a strategic plan to uncover world-class technical and management professionals. The Top Talent Program delivers prescreened and qualified candidates that match your organization’s standards with no obligation to you.

Here’s How It Works:

  1. Understanding You and Your Needs

    We conduct an initial interview to understand your company, your unique culture and what makes you an employer of choice. Our objective is to learn about your organization and positions we may be called on to fill in the future and develop a recruiting plan.

  2. Utilizing World-Class Recruiting Technology

    At Quanta, we are constantly uncovering top talent through networking, direct recruiting, advertising, referrals and numerous other sources. As a result, we can provide direct access to high-impact players in your industry across the country. By utilizing the industry’s most sophisticated technology we can be first to market with in-demand candidates,

  3. Presenting Top Candidates

    As we locate candidates who fit your hiring criteria, we will contact you to provide an introduction. You will have the opportunity to learn more about the candidate…without any pressure and at no cost or obligation.


Quanta USA’s Top Talent Notification Program offers a strategic approach to talent acquisition with absolutely no obligation or cost on your part unless you hire our referral.

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