If you’re looking to make a career move, there’s no better time than now.

Statistics show many companies do the bulk of their hiring in spring. In fact, there’s often a big push to get new hires settled in before Memorial Day, when many people start taking vacations. Also, managers know their budgets for the year in spring, and will have money allocated for new hires.

If you’re looking to put a little spring in your career step, consider implementing the following tips.

1) Open your mind

Spring isn’t just a good time statistically to hunt for a new job. It’s also a good time for fresh beginnings. You can revitalize your career as the warm weather breaks by opening your mind to career possibilities you hadn’t previously considered.

One possibility to consider is working outside of your specific industry. For instance, science technicians might only think to work in research laboratories, but many companies need laboratory personnel for R&D and quality purposes.

You should also open your mind to proactive career steps that you have never taken before. If you’ve haven’t attended a local networking event, joined a professional organization or taken classes to brush up on the latest techniques; now is the time to do it!

2) Consider relocating

For some people, it would take a herd of elephants to move them from the town they grew up in. If you’re not one of those people, you should consider applying to jobs outside your local area.

Keep in mind that the best jobs aren’t always in big cities like New York or Atlanta. Many mid-sized cities have thriving economies and a major lack of talented professionals to fill open positions.

In addition to being a good career move, relocating causes you to learn a lot about yourself and the world around you. If you think variety is the spice of life, then you should see relocating for work as part of your mission for self-fulfillment.

3) Use the REAF method for interviews

Created by the career site WayUp, REAF stands for Research, Enthusiasm, Ask questions and Follow Up – four steps to a successful interview.

  • Research – When researching a company ahead of an interview, go beyond the basics. Try to find useful insights and bits of information you think your interviewer may not even know.
  • Enthusiasm – You can practice saying all the enthusiastic phrases you want – if your body language doesn’t match, you won’t seem convincing. When you are going through practice interviews, use a mirror or video camera to see your performance and assess your body language.
  • Ask questions – Don’t use your opportunity to ask questions during an interview to put your interviewer on the defensive. Try to ask questions that gain insight and show you care about doing the best job you can if hired for the job.
  • Follow-up – At the end of your interview, ask for the best way to follow-up – either through email or with a phone call – then follow the direction you are given.

Are you looking for the next step in your career?

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