Training and career development are essential to the success of every company, and savvy HR leaders realize they can help their company stay one step ahead of the competition by leveraging the most effective training solutions.

Some training methods stand the test of time, while others fade away. Outdated training methods are often replaced by newer more effective approaches.

Check out the following HR trends and consider how you might apply them in your company.

1) Ethics and misconduct

Recent developments in the news have sparked a long-overdue conversation about appropriate behavior in the workplace and professional behavior in general. Many experts agree that bad behavior thrives in a toxic workplace and a major goal of HR should be to ensure that a toxic culture never takes hold.

One simple but effective solution is to prioritize people over results. A win-at-all-costs mentality might drive results in the short term, but it can lead to a culture that encourages “looking the other way” instead of calling out someone’s bad behavior.

Another simple way to address culture is to ask for employee input. Employees should be actively engaging and crafting the healthy culture they want, not just doing as they are directed.

2) Micro-learning through video

While there happens to be the capacity to generate video learning materials, the majority of it is too long or time consuming for trainees to get significant long-term value. Recently, the has been a focus on the idea of micro-learning, with short videos of less than a minute showing key concepts and procedures.

The growing trend can be attributed to the capacity to stream video content quickly and easily, instant messaging and research showing how learners better absorb knowledge when it’s offered in small bits.

3) Mobile learning

With so many employees owning smartphones, it only makes sense to tailor training and development solutions to this platform. Mobile learning solutions offer greater portability, flexibility, and access than classroom or even desktop-based methods.

4) Training distributed employees

These days, any given workplace might include full-time employees, contractors, remote workers and temporary staff. Also, these workers might report to different facilities or work very different schedules.

Some companies are addressing the challenge of training distributed employees by setting up a ‘virtual academy’ on their website that has instructor-led training sessions and resources. These online learning centers can include online chat functions and live streaming.

5) Ending annual reviews

The annual performance review is a business tradition that goes back generations. However, new research indicates that it isn’t the most effective way for a company to develop its employees.

The idea of a performance review shouldn’t be ditched altogether, some companies have found. Many organizations are looking at data collection and analysis to track performance more accurately and coach employees on an on-going basis. Others hold quarterly reviews to keep employees on track and an annual review to discuss raises or promotion possibilities.

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