Finding a company that brings out your best traits as a professional isn’t easy. However, there is one big indicator that a company might be the one to help you grow your career: transparency.

The interview process itself can give a lot of insight into the transparency of an organization. Prepared questions for an interviewer can cover many aspects of a company culture, in addition to the details of the available position. By setting out to identify a transparent company, you set yourself up to be a trusted and informed employee, which can lead to better interpersonal relationships, higher job satisfaction, more effective collaboration and better career support from leadership.

Better relationships

Research shows most employees quit because of a boss they can’t get along with, essentially the supervisor-employee relationship has broken down.

Any good relationship is built on a foundation of trust. When an employer is transparent, it increases the level of trust throughout the organization, which means you’re more likely to have a good relationship with your boss. This, in turn, benefits your career by giving you more control over if and when you want to move on to another opportunity.

Greater engagement

A 2013 survey by the Harvard Business Review found 70 percent of working professionals say they feel more engaged when senior management keeps them informed on the latest company news and strategy.

With respect to your career, a high level of engagement often translates into greater achievements and a higher potential for advancement.

Good personal brand association

Transparency is naturally associated with attractiveness. On a personal level, two people who become more familiar also become increasingly transparent. This associated can also be seen with companies, as businesses that prioritize transparency are routinely lauded in the media for being great places to work.

Having a company recognized for its transparency on your resume is a major asset for a job seeker simply because a hiring manager can associate you with the company’s strong brand.

Better collaboration and group productivity

Friction between people in the workplace often comes from disagreements over how to address various challenges and problems. This source of conflict can be compounded by vague goals and arbitrary ways to measure performance. Employees can’t tell what solutions have the most value or how well they’re doing if they don’t completely understand what a company wants from them.

Transparency will help you collaborate more effectively with your closest co-workers and across departments. This can lead to greater achievements and a track record of effective teamwork.

Career support

By their very nature, transparent workplaces are more likely to support the career development of their personnel than less transparent workplaces. When employees understand how a company operates, how it’s doing and where its headed, they also know what opportunities are available within the organization.

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