As the 2018 starts, people just about everywhere are making resolutions to better themselves. While personal resolutions might include eating better, getting in some regular exercise or spending more time with loved ones, professional resolutions often include being more efficient at work, improving the various processes they use that may have become outdated or inefficient.

There are numerous ways human resources professionals can make 2018 better than last year, both for themselves and their company. One great approach to start the year off is cleaning up some HR processes and making them more efficient. Consider the following HR items that might need tidying up.

The interview process

Hiring just one poor-fit applicant can have dramatic, adverse effects on your organization, including lost time, lost productivity, wasted hiring costs, higher turnover and lower worker morale.

Most of us think we’re a good judge of character and can hire the best person by screening resumes and holding interviews. However, most of us are subject to biases that can lead to a bad hire. For instance, you might prefer one candidate who made a good first impression or someone who has a personality similar to your own. Studies have shown applicants that are a poor fit for a job can score well in traditional interviews by simply being pleasant and well-spoken.

To keep from hiring an applicant that is a poor fit, HR departments need a structured, standardized interview process. Also, interviewers should be trained to conduct effective interviews that determine just how well a candidate might fit into a role and into the organization. With hiring personnel conducted efficient, structured interviews, the company will be well on its approach to running highly-productive hiring processes.

Tech tools

Hiring tools and assessments can help your company identify high-performing and dependable employees before you hire them. Dependable assessments can evaluate cultural fit, job-related competencies and essential qualities of candidates. All of this can dramatically enhance your company’s ability hire the best available talent.

Furthermore, there are a number of HR tech tools that make manual systems obsolete. Advanced time tracking and labor systems offer companies with the sensible tools they have to effectively direct and supervise their workers. With these tools, managers can access real-time labor data anytime or anywhere to evaluate current staff coverage, identify staffing needs and make shifts accordingly.

Mission alignment

Every department within an organization should be working toward the organization’s stated mission and HR is no exception. Be sure HR interests are properly represented in strategic planning sessions so the department can hire and manage personnel in a way that helps achieve the company mission. Assess the current application of labor resources and determine if they should be redeployed.

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