Turnover rate at a company is largely driven by how engaged its workforce is, research shows.

Therefore, employers that do not want to lose their top performers need to take steps to actively engage them. Tried-and-true techniques for engaging employees include being responsive to employees, transparency, giving work meaning, employee recognition and supporting career growth.

1) Listen and respond

One of the simplest ways to retain employees is to listen to them and act on any valid feedback they provide. When staff members have a say in procedures and company plans, the company gets fresh ideas and viewpoints.  Employees who contribute also feel like they are engaging with something bigger than themselves.

Many supervisors meet with staff members and ask questions on job satisfaction. The crucial moment in this scenario comes when a supervisor actually does something with those answers. For instance, some staff members want to feel challenged. If they’re not being challenged, their motivation is probably going to deteriorate, leading to disengagement.

2) Be transparent

Staff members won’t offer you honest feedback if your organization has a cynical culture or a past involving leaders not keeping employees in the loop.

One way to avoid that is to routinely share information. Employer transparency should pertain to both good and bad news, basically anything that can impact employees’ decision-making. When staff members feel you are being honest with them, they are more prone to work with you to fix problems

3) Make work meaningful

Staff members should recognize how their personal work plays a part in your company’s success. Your company should have a strong, clear mission besides making money and the organization must clearly express how each person’s role contributes to realizing the primary objective.

Supervisors play a major role in engaging employees to the company mission. Staff members who are engaged understand their goals because their manager has conveyed the organizational vision and made sure they know how they contribute to that vision.

A different approach to convey the company mission and values is through philanthropy. Taking part in employer-sponsored programs gives staff members the chance to donate time and effort to a worthwhile cause, create a connection to their community and better appreciate their employer.

4) Properly recognize employees

When you reward workers for achievements, ensure the reward they get is something they will value. Expensive incentives are out of reach for most companies, but rewards can still be effective without being exorbitant.

Once again, effective managers are crucial with respect to effective recognition. When businesses invest time in learning about their workers and reward them in ways they find valuable for actions that benefit the business, workers feel appreciated and feel like the work they do makes a difference.

5) Allow for career growth

While some people may be content to plug away at the same job, every day, for years on end, most people want their career to change and grow as they gain experience. If your company is not providing growth opportunities, through trainings, certifications, advancement opportunities and cross-training, then many employees are going to look outside the company for these same opportunities.

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