Although the job market has gotten significantly better over the past couple years, in many industries, competition for jobs has not gone down: You might be hearing about more jobs being available, but maybe not seeing a lot of jobs you would consider.

So, if you want a new job, you still have to do everything in your power to put yourself above the competition.  Consider the following tips if you want to step up your game and become a lot more hireable.

1) SEO your LinkedIn profile

Hiring personnel frequently use automated tools to locate job candidates with specific words and phrases on their LinkedIn profile. So, if you include these key words and phrases on your LinkedIn profile, you’ll be more prone to pop up the next time a recruiter searches for candidates in your field.

To figure out what key words and phrases you should be using, check job postings in your field for distinct, familiar language. Then, make sure you include these words in your LinkedIn profile.

Just make sure the terms you use accurately describe what you’ve done.

2) Refer a colleague

If a respected colleague is also looking for work, tap your network to help them out. Doing this is a great excuse to get in touch with former contacts and put yourself in position to receive a job hunting favor in return.

3) Quantify your achievements

Hiring managers want to know what you can do for their company and the best way to show that is to by using hard numbers. So, if you developed a procedure that reduced waste, figure out the amount of money you saved by lowering waste so you can showcase this number the next time you apply for a job.

4) Clean up your digital footprint

It’s a common practice for hiring managers to Google candidates and look them up on social media. If you’re trying to take the next big step on your career path, you need to go over your social profiles, Google yourself and delete any information you find on there that could get you eliminated from a hiring process.

5) Ask for a testimonial

If you have ever had a supervisor or colleague who couldn’t stop raving about your job performance, ask him or her for a testimonial or letter of recommendation. To avoid making it such an imposition, simply ask for a couple paragraphs you can post to you LinkedIn profile or include in a job application.

6) Research first-choice employers

If you really want to work for a particular company, it helps to know as much as you can about that company. Pick out two or three ‘dream employers’ and do a deep dive on their history, top executives, growth trajectory, recent product releases and competition.

7) Research career growth opportunities

There are more ways to grow a career than getting promotions or changing jobs. You can easily grow your career by getting a higher education degree, taking certification classes or learning a new software program.

Research what action you can take to make to make yourself a more attractive job candidate.

Are you looking for a new job?

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