Whether you’re a middle manager of the head of an entire business, leadership is a daily challenge.

As a leader in your company, your success squarely affects the success of those you manage, as well as the company as a whole. Good leadership habits can propel others forward; however, the wrong ones can bring everybody down.

Thankfully, you can make leading others a bit easier for yourself by keeping a few essential strategies in mind, with your organization benefitting as a direct result.

Don’t create unnecessary tension

Leaders can cause tension with their staff when they expect them to work in the exact way that they would, as opposed to enabling them to be true to themselves. When staff members are encouraged to be themselves, they typically take on a proactive attitude to their job that they hadn’t previously.

Tension is also created when leaders who don’t spend some time engaging with their staff members. When a worker feels that their boss doesn’t care or is detached from their concerns, they can start mentally shutting down and growing bitter. Workers want leaders that understand them and the challenges they face every day.

Delegate effectively

One crucial element of effective leadership is the ability to effectively delegate both responsibilities and specific tasks. Many supervisors wrongly feel that they have to control just about everything that their workers do. When you assign work to staff members, you boost the productivity of your staff while establishing your employees’ self-confidence and project management abilities.

Acknowledge achievements

Every worker wants to do a solid job, and when they do, they want acknowledgment from their bosses. Regrettably, few supervisors do enough recognizing and rewarding of staff members for a job done properly. Fortunately, there are numerous ways managers can recognize workers that cost little or no money, are easy to do and that take only a handful of minutes – such as saying a few kind words or giving the employee an extra hour for lunch.

Managers should consider the personality and preferences of an employee before deciding on how to recognize him or her. For instance, some employees might want public recognition, while others might appreciate a more private, one-on-one show of gratitude.

Aim for long-term solutions

Regardless of how challenging the problem, often there is a fast solution that can be a tempting choice for leaders who want to put a problem behind themselves quickly. Unfortunately, in our enthusiasm to fix things rapidly, we often forget to consider a lasting solution that may take more time to develop.

The next time you have a problem to fix in your company, take care of the reason for the problem rather than simply managing the symptoms.

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