With the unemployment rate currently very low, employers are finding the competition for highly-skilled workers is quite fierce right now.

More than in the past, businesses have to tweak their recruitment strategies to survive in a highly-competitive market fueled by ever-expanding technology. Simply hiring workers as per unusual is not enough. Hiring manager must concentrate on hiring the right workers for their business. Hires who meet the company’s qualifications and experience are crucial for every firm’s growth.

Furthermore, recruitment and training costs are high, meaning bad hires can be costly to a company. This is why an entire organization, from the human resources department to the department where new hires will work, must get involved in their company’s talent retention strategy.

Below are some proven ways to locate and hire skilled workers in today’s job market.


Strategy #1: Be open to different background and experience levels

Surveys have shown many people are willing to move to a different industry for the right job opportunity. For employers, this means looking outside your industry is worth the extra effort as many skills can transfer across industries. So, if you’re reviewing applicants for a role in aviation maintenance, don’t eliminate folks who come from an industrial maintenance background, so long as they have the requisite abilities.

Furthermore, businesses in the market for highly-skilled workers shouldn’t restrict themselves to industry veterans. More experienced workers command a higher pay rate because of their experience level; however, many professionals in the middle or beginning of their career can be fully capable of picking up the skills and experience needed in a reasonable amount of time and excel in a role just as a more experienced professional might.

Strategy #2: Appeal to what these professionals want

To recruit highly-skilled workers, employers need to go past competitive compensation and offer what these professionals truly want. Many highly-skilled workers want schedule flexibility, stimulating work, career growth opportunities and a work environment they like. They also value having a valuable contribution to the success of the company.

Offering these terms of employment can make your company stand out from other potential employers.

Strategy #3: Refine your hiring process

Top talent tends to move quickly off the market because it is in high demand. Companies with a sleek, efficient candidate selection process can lock down highly-skilled workers quickly and stay ahead of the competition.

Employers can accelerate hiring by prioritizing hires for high-skill positions, surveying past applicants for their thoughts what worked and figuring out other pointless delays that appear to be common to in each hire.

Strategy #4: Leverage current employees’ networks

Birds of a feather flock together, meaning your current highly-skilled employees likely know other highly-skilled professionals. An employee referral program can be a very effective way to get to top talent before they even hit the open job market.

Are you looking for top talent to help your company grow?

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