In the past, the only way to get a job online was to submit your resume in web form or as an email attachment to a staffing company or potential employer. While this kind of job seeking is still very relevant, applicants are now using social media, especially LinkedIn, to build up their professional profile and put their portfolios on display.

This development has forced hiring personnel to become involved in social media if they want to connect and build relationships with prospective employees. Furthermore, companies are now using social media to market themselves as employers. This can be quite a departure for companies that had only considered marketing their products and services.

By using a modern approach toward worker recruitment and walking away from some of the older, less effective processes, organizations can better locate the applicants that fit their criteria. With proper study and consideration for the emerging Millennial workforce, companies are effectively adjusting to the shifting labor market.

Below are a few ways your company can better recruit in the digital age.

Engage current and potential employees

When it comes to engaging on social media, your company shouldn’t just be looking outwardly. Engagement should begin with current workers in a way that builds stronger relationships and showcases the company culture. In turn, your employees will be more likely to give candidate referrals and recommendations. Your company should also ask staff members to share job openings on their own social networks.

Companies often connect to potential employees by starting your own LinkedIn group. In the group, you should be sharing compelling and unique contact, as well as engaging group members. Starting a group just to spam your members won’t be very effective.

Connect company and personal networks

Cultivating followers, starting official company groups and engaging group members are all ways a company can grow its network. However, each person in the company has his or her own personal network. These networks shouldn’t be forgotten when it comes to the online recruiting process.

In particular, hiring personnel should make an effort to develop their own networks because that increases their links to potential applicants. For instance, if there is an open position, hiring personnel can reach out to professionals in their network who have relevant skills and experience.

Take care of your applicants

In the internet age, word of mouth is more powerful than ever. If someone applies to your company and has a bad experience – it’s fairly easy for them to spread the word on how they were treated.

Therefore, it’s crucial for hiring personnel to answer questions and communicate with each applicant. Many businesses are also developing ways to make the candidate selection process easier for candidates. For example, a “Candidate FAQ” on the official website can be very useful and appealing.

Also, try to make the hiring process as transparent and reliable as possible. Let candidates know what you like about their credentials and where they fall short. If you give candidates a timeframe for informing them about a decision, stick to it

It’s essential to come across as friendly and caring in this day and age. Otherwise, potential applicants may turn their back on your business and seek a more attentive organization.

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