Due in large part to international competition, quicker product development, and more flexible production systems, an unparalleled quantity and range of products are contending in markets.

While consumers reap massive benefits from these supply-side developments, the realities of the modern marketplace mean much more unpredictability for manufacturers and service providers. With unwanted goods being marked down and wanted goods often being out of stock, inaccurate forecasts can be costly for manufacturers and retailers alike.

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Furthermore, these companies must adjust their staffing levels in ways that can be difficult to predict. By using a temporary staffing solution, companies can stay highly agile in these uncertain times.

Contract workers becoming more popular

More businesses are embracing a flexible labor force, particularly with the instability of the economy in the last five or six years. It’s very unpredictable and having contingent labor is an effective model many have companies adopted. By and large, the decision of how many temporary workers to use is founded on company-specific factors and is not always specific to the industry.

Temporary or contract workers help businesses through their flexibility. Previously, companies would use temporary workers to cover for vacations, long-term illness/ injury, maternity leaves or others issues that cause employees to miss significant time. But now, companies are fluctuating their staffing levels according to what the economy is doing: Companies have a flexible work staff that can ramp up and ramp down according to need.

Added benefits of leveraging a staffing solution

Flexibility is among the biggest advantages a staffing solution provides; however, the use of temporary workers is also a great cost-saving tool. For instance, a business will utilize contract labor to handle unexpected rises in workload without investing in the hiring of more full-time staff members or compelling current staff to work overtime.

Using temporary staff can also boost the morale of full-time workers, especially if they have been putting in 10- or 12-hour days. When full-time staff is told that help is coming, it can be a major mental boost and keeping full-time staff members from burn out.

Companies also can treat these temporary employment situations as working interviews, an arrangement known as temp-to-hire. Having someone on a temporary basis allows for the first-hand assessment of their work ethics, cultural fit and skills.

Partnering with an agency

The more a staffing company understands about a business, the better the staffing firm can locate individuals who fit its client’s needs. The staffing company does much of the research before placing a worker, so a strong bond will enable the company to place people who fit the company’s culture or screening requirements.

A close connection between a company and the staffing company not only reduces turnover but also accelerates the candidate selection process. Organizations may not have any staffing needs for many months, but when they do need a staffing solution, they can get one rapidly.

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