Working with recruiters may lead you to career opportunities you would not have otherwise known about doing a job search on your own.

Many employers don’t post the positions they use recruiters to fill, and many recruiters have candidates ready when a client company comes calling. Furthermore, connecting with recruiters who specialize in your niche field can be very worthwhile, and lead to a precision placement that benefits both the company and the worker.

Here are three reasons why you ought to consider working with a recruiter in order to facilitate a precision placement.

1) Jobs can be hard to find

You probably decided on a specialized career because it meant less competition for jobs. However, a niche career also means a limited number of job opportunities.

Handling this double-edged sword can be a tricky thing to do, and recruiters have years of expertise in walking this line.

Recruiters have expansive networks of professional contacts across a wide range of businesses and specialized recruiters know their industry inside and out. While you are vigilantly checking newspaper and job boards, a recruiter could be uncover leads and openings through their network. Hence, going with a recruiter gives you a significant advantage over similar specialists looking for work who only use publicly posted information.

2) A precision placement can advance your career

With apprenticeship programs having largely disappeared, along with management-training programs, American companies don’t do much training anymore. Even the new hire training that most companies do have is minimal and could be measured in hours.

For folks with specialized careers, on-the-job training is even harder to get since there is such a limited amount of mentors and educators in the field. A precision placement into the proper situation can allow you to get access to invaluable on-the-job experience, which in turn can help your career.

3) Easier path to management opportunities

If you’re in a specialized career path, finding your way into a management position can be harder than if you had a more general skill set.

According to research, people who are most likely to end up in leadership positions are ones who have had many different roles throughout their career. Furthermore, specialized jobs are often found in silos with low visibility, which makes climbing the corporate ladder even more difficult. Higher-profile jobs, on the other hand, mean more interaction with others who can see and understand the work being done. While the technical performances might be the same, a person in a more visible position is becoming a leader via social means.

If you have aspirations of working in management, a precision placement can put you into a situation that maximizes your chances of getting noticed and receiving that coveted promotion into a leadership role.

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