Candidate screening is a critical part of the hiring process that requires competent professionals to perform reliable background checks in a reasonable time period.

However, with escalating regulatory and legal inquiries of background checks, many businesses are opting to outsource this function. Doing this can save time, lower costs and alleviate liability concerns. Essentially, it means outsourcing many of the headaches associated with candidate screening.

Here are a few reasons why your company might want to outsource this vital human resources function.

Increased scrutiny on background checks

There has been growing legal, regulatory and general public focus on background checks, particularly on the amount of “false positives” or “false negatives.”

While the growing focus from oversight agencies like the Federal Trade Commission is good news, added scrutiny means businesses must pay more attention than ever to federal laws as they relate to their hiring procedures.

Third-party coordination becoming easier

Thanks to technology, service providers are working hand-in-glove with employers to provide fast accurate background check information. In fact, many companies that perform these services have been collaborating with producers of applicant tracking systems to ensure that information transfer processes perform optimally.

With the chance of litigation invariably tied to inaccurate data, having systems that do more than just transfer information is critical. Powerful integrations use multi-layered protections and security protocols that make certain gathered data is stored and used appropriately.


Employers should be concerned about disgruntled applicants claiming their background check was impacted by implicit or explicit bias.

When using the external organization to perform background checks, there is a smaller chance that biases will have an effect, or that they will be cited as having an impact. Outsourced work brings a layer of neutrality, objectivity, consistency, and equality.

Changing attitudes

There has been a lot of attention recently surrounding the idea that non-violent offenders have been excessively penalized by society, and as such there is a growing “ban the box” movement that seeks to restrict employers from asking about applicants’ criminal past. Since the 1990s, at least 12 states have passed legislation “banning the box” for government employers, and private employers in some instances.

As attitudes change, a company that specializes in background checks will be hyper-focused on legal compliance surrounding employment laws.

Focus on core objectives

Regardless of whether a company has personnel specifically dedicated to hiring, most businesses are not in the recruiting industry, which means hiring activities are not in the core company functions. When any part of the hiring system is outsourced to hiring specialists, it enables organizations to focus more on identifying the talent they need without drawing away business operations.

Furthermore, human resources staff can quickly become bogged down and struggle to focus on their core HR obligations. When this occurs, it can have a knock-on effect, upsetting human resources workflows and their capacity to focus on payroll and worker programs.

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