Hiring temporary employees has become standard practice among today’s businesses. If you have temporary employees coming into your company, you want to ensure these employees are as inspired and as dedicated to getting results as your full-time employees.

Regardless of what kind of atmosphere you have at your workplace, temporary employees can easily develop a strained relationship with permanent staff. To make your temp workers feel like a part of the team, there are a few crucial things you ought to do whenever a new temporary employee comes into your business.

Explain the decision

The easiest path to cohesion is through communication. In particular, you must make certain your permanent staff realize why the use or temporary staff is critical to achieving company goals, as strain often develops out of an absence of understanding. Essentially, your staff doesn’t see why temporary employees have been brought on. In fact, they may see the use of temporary workers as a sign there’s not, or they might see it as a tool to limit overtime.

Explain how temporary employees will help, and not hurt, full-time employees by relieving their stress or reducing their workload. When the motivations are explained, it helps full-time workers see temporary staff as being on the same team as them, and not as competition.

Set an example

It should go without saying that you should always be showing every worker the respect they deserve. With respect to the specific situation of incorporating temporary employees, it’s even more critical to lead by setting the proper example.

Engage with temporary employees as much as you engage full-time team members, which is to say often. Also, promote interaction between full-time and temporary workers. If you hear people in your team gossiping or speaking negatively about any employee, either full-time or temporary, tackle it quickly and directly.

Set up an on-boarding program

It’s quite typical to ditch any on-boarding program for temporary staff so they can get specific training the task they were specifically hired to do. In addition to not getting the full on-boarding program, temps are also very rarely are they given the kind of social on-boarding that full-time workers get by design or default.

Including even a simple rendition of your regular on-boarding program can help temporary staff to blend more gracefully into the office surroundings, and form productive bonds with your full-time team.

It also helps to identify particular full-time staff members who can help with the on-boarding of temporary employees. These people should know the business particularly well and be able to function as mentors to the temporary employees. By partnering a full-time employee with a temporary employee, you can supply the background and information the temporary worker must have become incorporated into the team.

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