It’s a couple of months into 2017, and if you’re like nearly 40 percent of the world, you made some resolutions on or around January 1st. And just as likely, you’ve joined the 90 percent of those resolution makers who have abandoned some or all of them by now. With a rate of failure that is dishearteningly high, should anyone be wasting their time on these seemingly ineffective solutions to our personal and professional shortcomings?

Well, don’t be too quick to give up on these promises. And don’t believe for a minute the first day of the year is the only time you can make them or you can’t revisit them throughout the year.

If you have already strayed from your resolutions for 2017, take a fresh look at them now. Hidden beneath these vague pledges may lie the start of a renewed career for you. With a few adjustments, those goals could turn into a strategy for success.

Make your resolutions realistic

It’s not easy to set goals. It requires quite a bit of thought because they must be specific and realistic. Ask yourself some pointed questions: Where are you in your career, and where do you want to be? In what areas should you improve? What do you want to achieve? What’s your motivation for pursuing these goals? Write down the answers to these questions.

Look at these answers and confirm they are reasonable and achievable. Prioritize the list and settle on some manageable numbers. Consult with a colleague or mentor if you need to make sure your goals are in the area of possibility. Start small to get some successes under your belt and build from there.

Create an action plan

A plan of action is critical. You can’t fly by the seat of your pants. To get where you’re going, you have to be specific about how you will get there. It’s called a plan of action for a reason. It starts today, and it’s all up to you. Here’s how to start:

  • For each goal, list the things you must do, people you should know, the information you’ll need and the resources to gather it.
  • List the steps you need to take to support each action item.
  • Set deadlines!
  • Keep written track of your progress.

Hit the reset button if necessary

If you’re falling behind or want to change direction, it’s okay to revise your plan. It’s better than giving up. There’s nothing wrong with hitting “reset” in mid-course. Hold your ego in check and do what’s best for your goals. You might view recalibration as a sign of failure, but it could be your ticket to success.

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