You’ve thoroughly researched the company, dressed for success and prepared yourself for all possible interview questions. But have you given advance thought to your body language? You should. It tells as much about you as what you say—sometimes even more.

Hiring managers look at the way you dress and how you behave for clues to what kind of person you are and if you will fit into their company’s culture. It’s so important, you may be hired on how you handle yourself in the interview, or you could be passed over if you don’t conduct yourself properly.

Since so much of the impression you make during an interview comes from your body language, here are some suggestions for using it to your advantage.

Stand tall

Good posture makes you look professional. A purposeful stride with your shoulders back projects confidence. Sit straight in your chair while you’re waiting in the reception area and during the interview. Don’t let the hiring manager see you slouching or stretching your legs out while you’re waiting.

Don’t assume no one is watching. Even the receptionist might be making notes about you without you knowing. Maintain your best posture at all times.

Give a firm handshake

The handshake signifies the official start of the interview. Make sure it’s a firm one. Just remember that a firm handshake is not the same as a death grip. On the other hand, a weak handshake, sometimes called a limp fish, can send a message to the interviewer that you are nervous, uncertain or untrustworthy. A handshake should last no longer than two or three seconds and is always accompanied by eye contact.

Look them in the eye

Direct eye contact does not end with the handshake. It lasts through the entire interview. There’s an old saying that people who won’t look you in the eye can’t be trusted. Don’t think your interviewer hasn’t heard that. Eye contact along with nodding your head when appropriate will help you to establish rapport with the person interviewing you.

Don’t allow yourself to be distracted by the view through the window behind the hiring manager. Looking over the shoulder of someone who is talking to you is simply rude. Don’t ruin your interview by breaking eye contact.


Smiling during the interview can make you seem friendly and likable. Unlike with eye contact, you don’t need to maintain a smile through the entire interview. That could cause you to look fake or perhaps a bit daffy. Keep it as natural as possible, and you’ll show the hiring manager you are relaxed and confident.

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