When your company decides to go it alone in its search for a new employee, it is usually a hit-or-miss proposition. That’s because you don’t have the resources or experience to make it a smooth and efficient process. It turns into a frustrating, expensive and time-consuming experience that all too often ends with a mediocre mix of applicants.

Hiring a staffing agency can open the doors to a talent pool that you may not have access to on your own. Here are the top three reasons for your business to consider working with one.

  1. Staffing companies have knowledge and expertise

Staffing agencies and their recruiters know what type of employees you’re looking for, and they know where to find them. They often specialize in certain industries, giving them the expertise to connect you with the best candidates. Their knowledge can lead you to the perfect employee for the position.

Staffing agencies can also offer insights for your hiring team. They can advise you on salary rates, availability of specific skill sets, and on the current hiring issues. For instance, if other companies are having trouble finding the same type of worker you’re looking for, they can offer alternative solutions.

  1. You’re hiring their connections

When you work with a staffing agency, you not only get their expertise, you get all of their connections. So, you’re not just hiring one person to find the right candidate; you’re hiring an entire team. And all team members have a list of connections at their disposal. You’ll have access to more candidates, and your chances of finding the right one will increase.

Let’s face it; some candidates are not easy to find. You don’t know about them, but there’s a good chance one of the recruiters among your connections does know them and can reach out to them. They can find candidates that would otherwise be off the radar of your company’s hiring manager.

  1. They save you time and money

Staffing agencies have access to an immense pool of talent. Because of that, they can find someone to fill an open position much more quickly than your hiring manager. Recruiting talent on your own requires a substantial investment for advertising and the time to sift through reams of resumes. The staffing agency has already done the advertising and can supply you with a short list of talented candidates from which to choose. Remember, time is money.

Find the best candidates quickly

Trying to find the right candidate, temporary or permanent, can be a frustrating and time-consuming process. You can request talent here! When you work with a Quanta U.S, they will provide you with their expertise and connections, while saving you time and money on your candidate search. For more information on working with a Quanta, contact us today.