You’re looking to change jobs, and now you must start the application process. It doesn’t really matter which industry you’re applying to. At some point, you’ll be asked to produce a piece of paper that lists your credentials. Even if you were fortunate enough to land an interview because of your connections, the person who interviews you will still ask to see a resume.

If you’ve been at your current job for quite a while, you probably have given little or no thought to what’s on your resume. But now you’ll need to find it and revise it. While there’s no reason to start from scratch and rewrite the whole thing, your resume needs to be updated to include everything you have accomplished recently. You might also want to delete some things that are no longer pertinent.

Here are a few tips for giving your old resume a facelift that will help you land that new job.

Update Your Skills and Remove Your Objectives

Potential employers want to know what skills you bring to their company. The shorter resumes of today no longer require the pointless paragraph about your objectives. Instead, use bullet points to list your skills and accomplishments. Relevant experience and anything that sets you apart from the other candidates will catch the eye of a hiring manager more quickly than your goals will.

Keep it to a Single Page

Even if you’ve been in your career for several years, keep your resume on one page. Go into detail with your current position, while previous jobs, some of which no longer represent your skills today, can be either shortened or eliminated.

Tailor Your Resume

While you’re updating your resume, it might make sense to create a separate one. Suppose you have an industrial background, but you’re also looking for part-time writing gigs to bring in extra income and satisfy your creative side. You should have one resume that lists your technical accomplishments and another to highlight the education and writing experiences that qualify you for freelance writing assignments. This is extra work, but it’s better than risking your generic resume being ignored by hiring managers.

Get Rid of Your Graduation Date

Don’t give a potential employer any reason to eliminate you as a viable candidate because of your age. They may see you as “over qualified” just because they know you graduated twelve years ago, or as too green since it’s been less than five. Keep them focused on what you’ve accomplished and how you can help their company.

Put Your Best Foot Forward

Presenting yourself well in an interview and having an attention-grabbing resume are critical components of landing your next job. Much of the work of convincing an employer that your credentials are what they’re looking for is done by your resume. Don’t shortcut this step in the job-hunting process and you will set yourself apart from the other candidates.

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