Anyone who has been in the position of screening and hiring new employees will likely agree that it’s a challenging process. Getting the wrong person is costly, frustrating and a waste of time. Bringing the right person on board, on the other hand, pays dividends in the form of a positive effect on your entire work environment. Hiring an employee who’s a good fit will enhance morale, increase productivity and help your company reach its goals.

But how do you find a match for your company in the flood of applications that often follows an ad for an open position? What can you do to narrow down the list and find the best candidate?

Here are some suggestions for assessing applicants and reviewing resumes. Follow these, and you’ll increase your chances of securing the right candidate.

1. Define the Job Before Starting the Hiring Process

Before you post a job, you need to have a complete job description. It’s best first to do a job analysis, which entails gathering information about the required duties, necessary skills, all responsibilities and the outcomes you are expecting from the position. The analysis should be as detailed as possible so the job description is also comprehensive.

Without a job description, you can’t properly plan your hiring strategy. This critical information makes it possible for you to hire someone who possesses the essential skills and to pay that person appropriately.

2. Prescreen the Candidates

If you want to save time during the interviewing and selection phase of the hiring process, a telephone interview will help you to ascertain whether their qualifications merit a face-to-face interview. Prescreening can also determine if their salary expectations are compatible with the job and if they would be a match for your company’s culture.

3. Carefully Review Credentials

A well-written job description gives you an excellent starting point for reviewing applications and resumes. Next, you should verify the information they have provided by calling references and confirming the applicants have the degrees and certifications they have listed. You might like some candidates or have a positive “gut feeling” about them, but you’ll be more comfortable after you have exercised due diligence by validating their credentials.

4. Ask the Right Questions During the Interview

The job interview is a critical step in hiring a new employee. You will be able to ask questions that will identify whether a candidate has the experience, skills and behaviors you’re looking for in your next employee. Your questions will shed light on the candidate’s strengths and weaknesses and help you determine if this individual is a good fit for your company.

5. A Word of Caution

While job interview questions are a vital tool in assisting employers with finding desirable candidates, it is imperative to avoid illegal questions and practices. Your company could be vulnerable to a lawsuit from Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) if an interviewer asks improper or illegal questions.

Although they are not attorneys, a staffing company has the experience to help you with your concerns about staying within the law in an interview. For more information on working with a staffing company, or to get started with a reputable one today, visit

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