According to estimates, baby boomers are going to be retiring at a rate of 10,000 per day for the next fifteen years. The competition for talent will be heating up, and employers will no longer have the upper hand as they attempt to replace a retiring workforce.

The most talented candidates now have their choice, and companies are forced to fight for their services. How can your organization make itself more attractive to the professionals you need to hire? Well, it will take a marketing effort in which you sell potential employees on the benefits of working with your company.

Here are some ideas that will not be too difficult to implement:

Create a Strong Company Brand & Culture

Job seekers want to know your company’s history, its philosophy, and what influence your products or services have had in the marketplace. Show candidates what sets your organization apart from your competitors. Your social media presence must be upbeat, with posts that point to exceptional leadership and fairness.

Organizational culture should also be a priority. A strong culture attracts the right kind of people. Potential employees are often looking for a company whose values and vision align with their own. And if part of your culture revolves around a fun and lighthearted environment, you will have a leg up in recruiting.

Show You Provide Training and Promote Talent From Within

When you provide training so your employees can learn new skills, you’re engaging them and helping them map their career paths. You’re also setting them up for future promotions. You can do this with professional development classes or executive coaching. And it’s equally important to train managers, so they can spot potential talent and support employee growth.

Not only are you cultivating productive employees, you are delivering a message to qualified candidates that you are an employer who believes in training, offers internal promotions and has managers who are trained to spot talent in the workplace.

Give Your Company a Flexible Attitude

Potential candidates are impressed by a company that allows them flexibility in work hours, schedules, dress code and work-from-home options. Organizations with flexible attitudes toward work attract and retain talented workers. Options for working at home on certain days and arriving to work later or leaving early can be empowering to your employees, not to mention a big plus for employees with school-age children.

Put the Odds in Your Favor

 Convincing today’s top candidates that your company is their best choice is more critical than ever. You are just one of many organizations looking to bring them on board, so you must make sure your firm stands out from the crowded field. A strong culture, possibilities for advancement and a flexible attitude will go a long way to setting you apart. For more information on working with a staffing company, or to get started with a reputable one today, visit

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